社創  We Design Social Innovation Ecosystems

設計  We Design With You

未來  We Design For Our Future Selves




Enable Foundation is a non-profit social design agency with the aim to develop capacity training programmes and projects on design thinking & doing and creativity with individuals, organisations from private and public sectors. It was set up in Hong Kong after receiving a startup funding from HKSAR Government’s Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development (SIE) Fund to support its first cross-generational innovation programme called Social Innovation Design Lab (SI.DLab).

Nature of business: Social Design Services and Design Research







 Social Innovation Design Lab Programme funded by SIE Fund and physical studio space sponsored by Hysan Development. 

Social Innovation Design Lab Programme funded by SIE Fund and physical studio space sponsored by Hysan Development. 

Social Innovation Lab (SI.DLab)

SI.D Lab is a 2-year capacity building and cross-generational innovation and social design programme. We invite partners with shared values and beliefs and collaborate to address the three social issues on ageing innovation in Hong Kong. Projects include “Fine Dying” which is how to co-design urban dying matters in the city with citizens; “Dementia Going”which generates ideas on how to bring people with dementia into community and “Productive Ageing” thinking how to age well with dignity in Hong Kong.


社創設計室是一個為期兩年的跨代共創計劃,啟民創社邀請了來自不同社會界別,擁有共同價值和信念的合作夥伴,攜手解決香港社會的三大老齡創新議題,項目包括:「死物習作」(Fine Dying),與大眾共創設計與都市文化相關的「死物」;「腦化城市」(Dementia Going)致力激發新想法,讓腦退化症 (認知障礙症) 患者融入社區生活;「老力生產」(Productive Ageing)則探討如何在香港有尊嚴和健康地老去。





Designing Cross - generational Innovation



潛行老齡工具 Immersing Tools for Ageing

社創設計室的共創手冊,引導年輕參加者設計各式各樣的變老工具,潛進老齡的生活體驗, 可幫助他們更了解創意與同理心的關係。

Our co-creation manual leads our young participants to design empathic tools to immerse themselves as older persons. The tasks would encourage them to concern about ageing issues, and designing with empathy.

CLICK FOR DETAILS >>  www.enable.org.hk/ideabankfinedyingimmersingtoolsidea

為未來的自己設計 Design for Our Future Selves

學生嘗試潛行老齡體驗和與別人一起「談老」之後, 我們叫他們為 2068 年的自己(政府預計 269 萬六十五歲以上香港長者人口之一)設計一件東西(產品/服務/ 活動/空間),這是為了讓年輕人做好準備與他們的共同創造夥伴 —— 香港老年人見面。

After the students immersed themselves as older bodies and talked to others about ageing, we asked them to design something (products/services/ campaigns/spaces) for themselves in 2068 (when they are 60+ and would be one of the estimated 269 million senior citizens). This task aimed to get them ready before meeting their co-creation partners who are senior Hong Kong citizens.

Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 2.27.24 PM.png

死物共創意念 Fine Dying Co-Creation Ideas

死物習作收集了約 200 個由設計學生及老人共同創作 「好死」意念。 透過設計未來死物,我們可以看到跨代對話,得知香港市民對生死殯葬的理解及祈望 。

Fine Dying Project collected more than 200 co-created ideas from students and elderly. Through design thinking and doing, we enabled Young-Old exchanges on aspirations on good death and wishes for Fine Dying.



is the title we gave to all our collaborating partners including:

  • Young Design Students from Hong Kong Tertiary Education Institutions
  • Hong Kong Senior Citizens from communities
  • Professional Designers from Hong Kong and around the globe

News & Updates


Enable Press Release #01

跨代共創香港未來死物  Co-designing Our Future Fine Dying

社創設計室 = 本地設計學生老年人+社福界專業團體+設計研究員+專業產品設計顧問團隊 + 政府部門

我們是啟民創社,從事社會設計的非牟利機構。在政府社創基金資助下,於2017年開展了為期兩年的社創設計室計劃。此計劃的首個項目 —— 死物習作 (Fine Dying),我們找來了一班Enablers,包括200多位香港設計學生和100多位老年人,從香港生死殯葬議題切入,進行了不同程度的跨代共創歷程,過程中產生約200個創新意念。經過團隊整理和分析後,這些新撒灰意念成為擔任死物習作設計顧問(Design Mentor)的專業產品設計團隊Milk Design的設計靈感。我們希望透過一件與用者距離最親近的物件——「死物」( The Object of Death) ,在告別儀式中讓家人表達對先人的最後思念和情感,同時進一步了解香港殯葬服務的文化生活背景、城市規劃,甚至解決未來人口老化、土地短缺等議題,為大眾市民提供更多「死好啲」的選擇和討論。

2018年1月26至28日,社創設計室將會在黃金時代展覽暨高峰會中首次發佈死物習作的計劃內容,與市民分享來自香港老青跨代共創的老齡和生死意念,也會展出新撒灰死物設計系列的概念模具,探討花園葬撒灰物件的不同可能性。 屆時將於1月28日下午有一場「 腦化城市」的共創工作坊,詳細資料請參考黃金時代基金會的網頁goldenage.foundation


社創設計室計劃 #01「死物習作」首個公眾發佈展覽

日期:2018年1月26-28日  (Fri - Sun) 11am -7pm

地點:黃金時代展覽暨高峰會2018 Experimental Zone | 香港會議展覽中心1C展館 


 有關「死物習作」的詳細內容,請看下載新聞稿   (CN)Press Kit Download Link     社創設計室「死物習作」 圖片下載連結 :  https://goo.gl/tS7zaJ   有關社創設計室「死物習作」的高解像度圖片、計劃內容、活動安排或有興趣相約設計研究和產品研發團隊採訪事宜,歡迎致電3468 2138或電郵 info@enable.org.hk  聯絡啟民創社團隊。

有關「死物習作」的詳細內容,請看下載新聞稿 (CN)Press Kit Download Link

社創設計室「死物習作」 圖片下載連結 : https://goo.gl/tS7zaJ

有關社創設計室「死物習作」的高解像度圖片、計劃內容、活動安排或有興趣相約設計研究和產品研發團隊採訪事宜,歡迎致電3468 2138或電郵info@enable.org.hk 聯絡啟民創社團隊。





Dr Yanki Lee(李欣琪博士)

Co-founder 聯合創始人

A social designer, design researcher and activist on social innovation and inclusion. Dr Lee received her MA in Architecture from the Royal College of Art (RCA) and a PhD in design participation from Hong Kong Polytechnic University. She worked as a Research Fellow at the Royal Collage of Art's Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design since year 2000 and founded Exhibit at Golden Lane Estate CIC in London. In year 2013 she was invited by the Hong Kong Vocational Training Council returning to her hometown to set up the HKDI DESIS Lab after she received RCA Honorary Fellowship and China-UK Fellowship of Excellence for her works in design research and social innovation.



Albert Tsang(曾兆賢)

Design Researcher 設計研究員

A design researcher and educator with focus on social design, particularly concentrating on participation through design, co-design, as well as action research as a way of gaining knowledge.

Ire Tsui(徐巧詩) 

Design Editor 設計編輯

Trained as a designer, researcher and anthropologist, Ire Tsui was the former Managing Editor of Mingpao Weekly, and Feature Editor at CREAM and MING magazine. She is now the co-founder design research studio, Talking Hands, specialised in content communications, where she collaborates with various creative institutions, brands, studios and media, such as Enable Foundation, SD PRESS, Sunday Mingpao, RTHK, Initium, Elle HK, City Magazine and COBO Social.

Ho Yin Ching(程浩然)

Photographer 攝影師

Joe Kwan(關祖堯)

Branding Designer 視覺設計師

Panda Lee 

Designer 設計師 

Cyril Lee(李翊呈)

Designer 設計師

Greta Kwok(郭苑翹)

Designer 設計師







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