Dementia Going




我們嘗試從這推測性的問題出發,運用創意的方去探索推廣對腦退化症的認知,讓大眾市民了解此症除發病率高外,患者更應該被接納為社會的一部分。2015年,我們曾製作了一組「腦退症物件」 ,它們代表了腦退化症的不同病徵,讓用家親身體驗患上此病的困惑和沮喪。即是將物件腦退化,而不是人患上病症。這個將腦退化結合魔法的概念,希望將腦退化症變成大眾接受的文化,而不是視為社會缺失或負面的問題。


不只是忘記 , 歡迎來到「腦化後樂園」


「腦化城市」計劃的目標是誠邀各位市民走進「腦化後樂園(2018年)」, 延續腦退化與魔法的概念,嘗試用設計將腦退化物件推廣至城市層面,讓大家透過這個以腦退化症徵狀作創作靈感的體驗展覽空間,認識腦退化症並不只是忘記東西,而是有更多其他重要的徵狀,並且鼓勵大接納患者如常般外出、在社區當中生活。




What if everyday objects and even the city became demented? This was the speculative statement we used when investigating innovative ways to give citizens insight into what dementia is. Through this process we wanted to help everyone better understand the high prevalence of dementia and show how people with dementia should be integrated into our society. “Objects with Dementia (2015)” is a set of magical artefacts, which mimic/represent dementia symptoms, so that players can experience the confusion/frustration of having the disease. Our goal is to introduce the concept of magic to explore the potential of reframing the view of seeing dementia not as a loss but as a culture to be embraced.




With the risk of exaggeration, in Hong Kong dementia is considered to be part of the natural ageing process, and, thus, receives little special attention. Because of its complexity, dementia is mysterious for many people and generally understanding is limited to memory loss only. While the medical and social care experts are busy developing cures and services to help patients with dementia and their carers, we believe the contribution of design researchers could lie in enabling the public to better understand this mystery.


From designing demented objects, we want to expand the concept of dementia and magic to the whole city. We aim to prepare all citizens ready to welcome patients with dementia to go out and live within their communities. The parameter of our Neuro City design research project is to get the public to have a better understanding of dementia by inviting them to step into “DementiaLand (2018)”, a dementia-inspired magical environment, to experience different symptoms that go beyond just memory loss.


Dementia Going ( Co-Creation ) 


Dementia Going cocreation workshop

Enable Foundation with Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Kwai Chung), HD in Community Health Care for Senior Citizens and Asbury Methodist Social Service. (Feb 2018) ABOUT Social Innovation Lab (SI.DLab) SI.D Lab is a 2-year capacity building and cross-generational innovation and social design programme.


“Dementia Going” generating ideas on how to bring dementia patients into community.