Talking about Things Exhibition and Video (2022) Leuven
Talking about Things Exhibition and Video (2022) Leuven

Dementia Lab Conference 2022 we asked about “how can a design process or artefact support a care organisation or influence a person with dementia’s ecology (family, partners, friends); how will design be critical or supportive of existing views in society on people with dementia.” . We were invited to collaborate with the conference team, co-curating an exhibition to unfold everyday tactics from different dementia’s ecologies through defining objects.

The Talking Objects exhibition was displayed in shop windows around the city of Leuven where the conference was hosted. A total of 15+1 posters showed stories of PwDs and the objects they surround themselves with. Over hundred stories were submitted from all over Belgium. Each story explains what a certain object means to a person with dementia. These were then 'translated' into an image and formulated into a poster with a summary of the stories and a QR code to access the audio file of the text. We captured the exhibition by video asking the question of “how we can openly talk about dementia in our cities?”

Co-curators: Dementia Lab at LUCA School of Arts (Belgium) & Enable Foundation (Hong Kong)

Illustration by Catherine Stones, UK

Video production by Maurizio Ciranni, Untold Productions, Belgium

Video editing by Dan 'Canyon' Davis, UK

Special acknowledgement to the donation from C.F. & NANCY TAO FOUNDATION for supporting OK Dementia International Dissemination Programme.